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Travel to all parts of Iran with Iran Royal Holidays with the confidence of having a travel insurance.

Why you should buy your Travel Insurance from Iran Royal Holidays?


It takes less than 5 minutes to apply and pay online. We’ll email you your policy within 2 business days.


Why you should buy your Travel Insurance from Iran Royal Holidays?

Validity Guarantee

Don’t get caught with the wrong insurance. Buying your policy through 1stQuest guarantees your policy’s validity in Iran.

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    Iran Travel Insurance

    Why Iran Travel Insurance?

    After saving for a while and doing research, you’ve finally decided to apply for Iran visa. Hooray! You’ve probably heard that you need a travel insurance for your trip, but you wonder “is it really necessary to get a travel insurance for Iran?” Well, the answer is short and simple: YES.

    Basically, there are two reasons for having a travel insurance for traveling to Iran; First, a travel insurance is required to collect your Iran visa; without having a printout of your valid insurance, you can’t collect your visa from the embassy or the visa office at the airport. Second, you don’t want the unexpected mishaps to ruin your long-awaited trip. A good travel insurance can protect you against mishaps and cover many unexpected and exorbitant costs.

    Can I use my existing travel insurance?

    If you already have a travel insurance, be careful because a travel insurance for your trip to Iran can be different from a travel insurance to other destinations. That is, many insurances sold outside Iran are not valid for a travel to Iran or at least some parts of Iran. The problem is that, due to the long history of political tensions and sanctions between Iran and west, many insurers do not put Iran in their destination lists. So, if you want to use your travel insurance for getting your Iran visa, make sure ‘Iran’ is clearly mentioned in their list.