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‏Iran is a vast land of varied attractions. The plateau offers the beaches of the Caspian sea ,the waterfalls in western Iran, ancient cities with more than 2,000 years old and historic ruins that will leave your eyes thirsty for more trips back to Iran.

Iran royal holidays Iran tour operator

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some attractions of Tehran

Tajrish traditional bazaar

When I heard the name of Tajrish I remember something such as emam zade salesh; tajrish traditional bazaar and another thing. Tajrish is in the foot a mountain at the north of Tehran and near to Darband and has moderate and cold climate. .this bazar is one of the historical bazar that some people and shopkeepers said its from Qajar period .some famous places that are left from Qajar are  garden such as saedodoleh, Haji Reza saraf, motazdiyeh and ferdos. Reza shah selected Tajrish for summer .this traditional bazaar is connected to Emam zade saleh from one side.

Tajrish bazaar with Iran tour operator

Colorful vegetable and fruits speak with you and you just want to look at them end eat all of them .this bazaar has many stores and has a mosque and perfect architecture. Stores with tradition architecture remember the past mood of Tehran .name of the shops are tiling at the top of the stores you can buy ever thing with every price .when you go to this bazaar you can’t came back easily.


There is no age and gender restriction to go the pool for relaxation after a long and hard work ,it’s a best option ,especially if you want to use a modern environment with high amenities the OPPARK AQUA PARK in Tehran is our suggestion to you .


DARBAND is one of old neighborhood in south of sadabbad’s garden. the cool climate of this place has attracted many many tourists and travelers. if you have not come to this place or you are going to invite your foreign friend  and guest, this place is the first option

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