Maharloo Lake – Shiraz (Pink Lake)

Maharloo Lake, Shiraz; Pink Lake


Lakes are one of the most popular travel destinations. Join us in this article on Iran Royal Holidays because we want to watch Maharloo Lake. Maharloo Pink Lake is one of the spectacular attractions of Shiraz. A lake on which the magic of nature has sprinkled a charming pink color. In the following, we will introduce this lake and its sights and we will tell you where is Maharloo Lake? Where to stay, in what season to visit the lake, and at the end we will introduce the sights around the lake.

Beautiful Sights

Near Shiraz, next to the village with Safa Maharloo, there is a calm and beautiful lake of the same name. This lake is also known as the salt lake and is an important and main source of food and industrial salt in Fars province. A trip to Maharloo Pink Lake is a good opportunity to escape from the city and the hustle and bustle of the city. So put your heart on the road and take the road. A trip to the Salt Lake and a walk on its salty beaches is an enjoyable experience that will stay with you.

The sights of the salt lake are not small. These include flamingos that migrate to the lake in the summer. Before flying, flamingos move rapidly on the water, leaving unstable circles on the water with their footprints, and then spread their wings over a short distance. It is a pleasure to watch the unique display of flamingos on the stage of the strange salt lake. This is a good time for photography. So do not forget your camera when traveling to Maharloo; The beautiful view of the lake tempts you to capture memories on camera. Definitely memorable photos from this trip will remain for you.


Boating is another recreation of the Salt Lake. By renting pedal boats, you will have this pink lake under your feet. The pleasure of exploring the Pink Lake with pedal boats will be a unique experience for you. Due to the excessive salinity of the water, no fish live in this lake, but reptiles such as snakes, lizards and turtles can be found in this lake.


Where does it located

Maharloo Lake is located in the southeast of Shiraz and in the west of Bakhtegan Lake. The two rivers “Sultanabad and Khoshk River” flow into Maharloo and several springs enter this lake. It takes about an hour to move from Shiraz to Maharloo.


To go to Maharloo, you must first go to Shiraz, after crossing the Ghadir Bridge, you will reach the Persian Gulf Highway, and in the continuation of the route, after passing the Fasa road police, you will enter the Shiraz-Fasa highway. From here you are on the lake. With a short distance, a beautiful brace is placed in front of your eyes.

The best season to visit the lake

Maharloo Pink Lake is a seasonal lake. In summer, due to high evaporation, the lake water recedes and increases in autumn and winter. In fact, the rain gives life to this lake again. You will see the salt lake in the first half of the year blue, but from the end of May and with the warming of the weather, the color of the lake changes color.


If you want to see the flamingos and the pink color of the lake, warm the weather and go to the salt lake in summer. The best time to visit Maharloo Pink Lake is from mid-May to mid-autumn. It is worth mentioning that around Maharloo, in the beginning of March, you will see the beautiful blossoms of almond trees.


Sights around

As mentioned, Maharloo Pink Lake is located near Maharloo village. This proximity has caused you not to miss the sights of this village while traveling to the lake. Maharloo is a village with imaginative nature on the slopes of the Zagros that invites you to watch. It takes less than 15 minutes to reach this village from the lake.


Sights of Maharloo village include sulfur springs, beautiful almond, pomegranate and fig orchards. On top of the green hills you can also go to the shrine of Khadijeh Banu. Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, historical cemetery and Bibi Sharif tomb are other attractions of this village.


Around the salt lake, there are several villages with favorable climate and spectacular nature, such as the villages of Mahmoud Abad, Barmshour, Ghanbari, Anjireh, Aaladollah; We suggest that if you are interested in touring the village, plan to explore these villages as well.


Stay on the road

Do not worry about staying on the trip to the salt lake because you can stay in three cities near the lake. Let’s take a look at the accommodations near Maharloo by city.


  • Sarvestan: First of all, you can stay in Sarvestan. Sarvestan can be your first accommodation option because it is less far from the lake. To reach Sarvestan, you have to be about 40 minutes away from the lake. In Sarvestan, you can book an eco-lodge for half a day, and if you want to experience tent living, with a little inquiry, you can find tents with a nomadic atmosphere and experience a few days of nomadic life.
  • Shiraz: Your next option is to stay in Shiraz. As mentioned, the distance from Shiraz to the lake is about one hour and ten minutes. In Shiraz, there are both eco-lodges and hotels with different stars. Select this

Accommodation units will vary depending on which part of Shiraz you want to stay or what facilities you have in mind. Among the eco-tourism resorts in Shiraz, we can mention Taranjestan eco-tourism resort, Sepehri traditional residence, Forough Mehr traditional residence and so on. By staying in this city, you can also visit the sights of Shiraz and double the pleasure of traveling.

  • Marvdasht: Your last accommodation option is Marvdasht. You have more distance from the lake to Marvdasht than the previous two choices. To reach Marvdasht, you have to be about an hour and 40 minutes away from the lake. To stay in Marvdasht, you can choose Shidgar Ecotourism Resort or Naghsh Rostam Ecotourism Resort. If you want to stay near Persepolis, Apadana Hotel and Persepolis Tourism Hotel are a good choice. It is worth mentioning that Apadana Hotel is 100 meters away from Persepolis.

We reached the end of the trip to the salt lake. We hope this article is a good guide for your trip to this pink lake. And a trip to the salt lake will be among the good memories of your trip. If you also have an experience of traveling to Shiraz Salt Lake, share it with on Instagram @iranroyalholidays

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