Rudsar a city with amazing attractions

Rudsar, a city with amazing attractions

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about traveling to Rudsar, from where Rudsar is exactly to the sights and shopping centers of Rudsar and the best travel time and access route to Rudsar. To get acquainted with this beautiful city, stay tuned to Iran Royal Holidays.

Where is Rudsar?

Rudsar city, which was known as Hosem or Hotam in ancient times, is one of the cities of Gilan province, which is located 88 km east of this province and adjacent to the Caspian Sea.

Rudsar city leads to the Caspian Sea from the north, to the Alborz Mountains in the south, to Ramsar from the east and to Amlash and Langarud from the west. This city is one of the few cities that is connected to the mountains on one side and to the sea on the other side. The people of Rudsar speak the Gilak people in the Gilaki language. The common occupation of the people of Rudsar is fishing due to its proximity to the sea and after that, borage planting and animal husbandry. In addition, pottery, mat weaving, tiling and sewing are also considered as traditional Rudsar occupations. Rudsar, in addition to being a coastal city and you can enjoy the sea by traveling to it, has many places of interest in its heart, which we will introduce a selection of them in the following.



Javaherdasht, the experience of walking on clouds

One of the most amazing sights of Rudsar, which can be considered as one of the top sights of Iran, is Javaherdasht. Javaherdasht village is a vast green plain with clean air that fascinates and loves every viewer like a pure jewel. Jawaher Dasht Nature is a great place for walking, photography, cycling, mountaineering, camping and summarizing any such recreation. In August, Javaherdasht hosts local and indigenous sports such as tug-of-war, wrestling, horse racing and..

The interesting thing about Javaherdasht is that this village does not have drinking water piping and the villagers get their water from the springs of the plain. Something like the movies, which, at least for me, who lives in the city and knows how to get drinking water from a spring, have been unparalleled in movies for many, many years.

One of the most unique and extraordinary beauties that we have to say and you should go and watch them closely, it is the turn of the most important attraction of this region, namely the clouds that have come down from the sky to the earth and have been the guests of the people of this region. If you look at the jewel of the plain from above, there is an ocean of clouds in front of you; An ocean of infinite clouds; This is where a beautiful paradox arises; It is as if when you go to Javaherdasht, you have traveled from earth to heaven and settled there.

Javaherdasht is located at a distance of about 50 km from Rudsar and to access it, you have to go to the Kalachai section to Siakhlorud and from there move towards Javaherdasht. Fortunately, for staying in Javaherdasht, there are wooden huts and accommodations in the village and highlands, so if you want to spend more than one day in this beautiful plain, you do not have to enter the plain every day and return to Rudsar at night.

Sajiran, a pristine and spectacular area in the southeast of Rudsar

Another place of interest in Rudsar Sajiran is a green village about 44 km from Rudsar. A lush plain, an ancient cave, a 60-meter-long waterfall and a mineral water spring are attractions that you can visit when traveling to Sajiran.

Alibaba’s suggestion is to visit Sajiran mineral water spring and drink its water. The water of this spring is so refreshing and hearty that if you drink water, you can drink 3 liters of it in about 15 minutes. It is also said that the water of this spring is useful for the treatment of kidney stones and skin diseases, especially fungus on the fingers and other parts of the body, due to its compounds.

It is interesting to know that according to the experiments, the water of this spring has broken some kidney stones in less than a day.

Another interesting thing about the water of this spring is that: Some tourists take the water of this spring with them to their place of residence to use its healing properties, but according to experts, the natural antioxidants of spring water after leaving the spring environment. It is lost and loses some of its properties. So remember, if you want to take full advantage of the properties of Sajiran spring water, drink enough water there and try to make tea and food with it.


To reach Sajiran, go from Rudsar to Doostkuh and from there move towards Surchan Mahalla and Rahimabad. Then leave Rahimabad towards Sajiran. After passing Azar Ki, Nilo, Zorzmeh and Jirkol, you will reach Sajiran.


Tamijan brick bridge, a remnant of the Safavi era

The general shape of the arches, the materials used and the architecture of this bridge remind you more of the historical bridges of Isfahan, which of course is not without reason; Tamijan brick bridges like Sivseh Pol and Khajoo bridges were built in the Safavid period and this is why they are similar. Tamijan is built on a river of the same name, it is 50 meters long and about 5 meters wide. At the edges of the bridge, a shelter is built at a height of about 50 cm so that the risk of pedestrians falling from the bridge is minimized and pedestrians can watch the beauties of the river with ease.


Tamijan is located 6 km southwest of Rudsar and you can go to this spectacular place in the shortest possible time.

Serulat, a unique view of the mountains, valleys and sea

Serulat village is located 37 km from Rudsar, in the southern part of Chabaksar, and it is a pleasant summer near the sea. The three sides of this village are surrounded by mountains and the northern part of it is the beautiful Caspian Sea. In addition to the forest and the sea, the Achirud River is also located in this area and has added to the beauty of this area.

If you love living in forested areas with beautiful forests and rivers and facing the sea, the village of Serulat is one of the sights of Rudsar that you must visit and spend the night there. Traveling to and staying in this beautiful village will give you a unique experience of being in a forest area overlooking the sea.


Tol Lat Neck Castle, an ancient building from the Seljuk period

Tollat ​​Neck Castle was built in the heights of Rahimabad Rudsar. The space of the castle is about two hectares and the height of its walls reaches 80 meters. The castle is made of a combination of mortar and stone and overlooks the river Plorud. Unfortunately, most of this castle was destroyed in the 1990 earthquake, however, the glory of the castle has not diminished and you can still travel to this area to see the art of ancient people up close.


Qaleh Gardan is located 27 km after Rudsar after Rahimabad and near Azaraki. Since this historical monument is located on the way to Sajiran, you can visit it while going to or returning from Sajiran.

The best time to travel

The best time to visit Rudsar is spring and late summer; Because in autumn and winter, the rains increase and the air in the north of the country cools down, on the other hand, the sea is stormy and it is not possible to go to the sea and enjoy it. In summer, because the weather is hot and exhausting, it makes surfing difficult and practically unbearable. In contrast to spring and late summer, mild weather and rainfall are very low. This makes it possible for you to visit the sights of Rudsar and enjoy being by the sea.

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