Shazdeh (Mahan) Garden; The most desert paradise of Iran!

Shazdeh (Mahan) Garden

Let’s look at Iran from corner to corner of the earth; we see that the amazing architectural structures of historic buildings made the impossible possible! You say no!? Let’s look at a few examples. At the top of Mount Biston, a building is carved in the heart of the mountain, of which love forms the basis; A little further on, there are magical minarets called Minaret Janban, which shake when one of these loving pigeons shakes, and the other, but let us look at this proud list of a garden that shines in the heart of the desert like one of Dante’s paradise floors! Prince Mahan Garden is the magical paradise in the heart of one of the most desert provinces in Iran.


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Why should we visit the garden of Mahan?

There are many reasons that motivate you to go and see; but we will continue to point out the most important of these reasons.


The silence and sound of nature in the garden of Mahan has stolen the heart of every human being! It does not matter what your nationality or language is; As soon as you enter Mahan’s garden, beauty and peace become the common language of you and others.

Mahan Garden is known as the largest and most beautiful Persian garden.

The UNESCO World Heritage List is full of Iranian artifacts; but it is better to know that the garden of Mahan is one of these honorable works that has a special place in this list.

Walk in a desert paradise! It is safe to say that the existence of Mahan’s garden in the heart of the hot and dry desert is one of those miracles that there are only a few examples of it around the world.

On a trip to Kerman, Mahan Garden is one of the places that will satisfy you with one of the best hotels in Kerman and an exceptional restaurant.


History of Mahan Garden


To learn more about the beauty of this garden, we must look at the history of Prince Mahan’s garden.

This beautiful garden was built by order of Mohammad Hassan Khan Sardar Irvani, the ruler of Kerman at the time. During his reign, he ordered the construction of a beautiful garden in 2 km of Mahan, Kerman, in the heart of the foothills of the Tigran Mountains and along the Silk Road, but he did not have time to see the completion of the construction of this garden.


After his death, this beautiful half-built building was abandoned. It is even said that when the news of the death of Sardar Mohammad Hassan Khan Irvani was reported to the ruler of Mahan at that time; the building, which is completing the main entrance of the building, hits the gypsum trough with all its might against the wall and escapes from there.


But all these narrations are stories that have been narrated to put children to sleep, and only God knows the truth.

After the death of this ruler, the garden of Prince Mahan was built by Abdul Hamid Mirza Naser Al-Dawlah, the ruler of Kerman, for eleven years.


National and World Register of Prince Mahan Garden


This beautiful garden was registered in the National Heritage List of Iran on November 5, 1974, and in continuation of this work, on July 21, 2011 this garden along with 11 other gardens was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The special architecture of Prince Mahan’s garden and the nature that surrounds this garden despite the desert; this garden has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is interesting to know that the information has been translated into 35 languages and is included in the UNESCO tourism map.

Different parts of Prince Mahan Garden

Be equipped on a trip to Kerman and visit the garden of Prince Mahan!

But being equipped does not mean collecting luggage and food; It means getting information about this garden. In the continuation of this article, we will deal with the architecture of the two main parts of Prince Mahan’s garden.

This Khorram garden is an example of Iranian flat gardens. Prince Mahan Garden has a land with dimensions of 407 by 122 meters and is spread over an area of ​​7.5 hectares and is separated from the outside space by a high fence.

The beauty of Prince Mahan’s garden will surprise you before you arrive. A beautiful headboard decorated with Persian tiles greets you and invites you into the garden.

Prince Mahan’s garden, like its counterparts built during the Qajar period, has sections such as hunting grounds, orchards, castle gardens and residential gardens.

If we ignore the towering trees of this garden, the pavilions located in the east and west of the garden will surely dazzle your eyes. In the following, we want to pay a little attention to the aesthetics of the different parts of the architecture of this enchanting garden.

Prince Mahan Garden

The entrance to the Prince’s Garden

Right at the bottom of Prince Mahan’s garden, there is a porch adorned with light blue, yellow, white and black tiles. To reach this entrance, you have to go through a two-story building that includes the entrance to the garden and reach a small porch.

It is there that this beautiful entrance dazzles your eyes and behind it, the mansion of Prince Mahan holds your breath in your chest.

But wait a minute and take a look at this entrance with your sharp eyes. The space of 3 pieces of tiles on the tiled arch will attract your attention. There are many narratives about these pieces, but the most famous is the oppression of the rulers of the time.

This narration goes back to the architecture that was being built at the entrance of the mansion, when the news of the death of Prince Abdul Hamid Mirza Nasser al-Dawla (granddaughter of Nasser al-Din Shah) was suddenly reported to him. Happily, with all his might, he smashes a plaster trough into the wall, and at the same time has two legs, borrows the other two legs, and escapes from there forever.

When traveling to Kerman, it is interesting to know that this entrance is not the only entrance to this garden and there are several side entrances.

Upstairs Prince Mahan Garden

Go through the garden and its pleasant pools and go to the highest part of the garden. The building located in this part is the main attic or pavilion, which is considered as the royal mansion. Opposite this beautiful pavilion is a pool that has 5 fountains whose water flows into the rocky outcrop and then 10 small waterfalls come to life.

It is interesting to know that this luxurious upstairs host’s one of the best hotels in Kerman and a restaurant that doubles the pleasure of staying in Kerman.

Prince Mahan Garden is one of those attractions that you should visit once in your life and enjoy its beauties.

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