Tulip plain in a village is a rainbow of beauty.

The village of Kondor invites you to watch a celebration of colorful tulips. To see this plain, you have to travel to Alborz province and Karaj city.

Somewhere near Tehran, a magnificent party has been set up in the heart of nature that you are all invited to. You should search for the address of this party in Alborz province and near the city of Karaj. A beautiful place called kondor. A village located among the high and soaring mountains of Alborz.

But what is this party? This party is beautiful and colorful and is located in a dreamy plain covered with spectacular tulips. In fact, you are invited to a beautiful tulip party in the tulip plains of Kondor village during the spring nature season.

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Where are the plain?

The Konodr tulip plain, which for the first time this year has spread its dreamy face in the lap of beautiful and spring nature of the region, is located in Kondor village in Asara section of Alborz province.

This village is located 22 km north east of Karaj city and 7 km from Karaj-Chalous road.

When you reach Kondor, look for the tulips in the west of the village, where the plain has spread its colorful silk on the mountainside. If you are wondering when and why this plain was formed, it is better to know that the story of tulip plain begins with the cooperation of the villagers and those interested in flowers and plants who decide to double the beauty of their village by planting carpets from tulips. Of course, in the past, the people of this region planted tulips.

The designer of this garden is a person named “Pahlavani” who has designed this plain with his heart and soul and love for nature, and with the help of private capital, a person named “Mustafa” and a group called “Gol A” have achieved it. . In addition to the Tulips Festival, another goal of the collection is to propagate onions of tulips, promote them to prevent imports, export tulips and cultivate medicinal plants native to the Kondor Mountains.

In this plain, which is located on a mountainous slope overlooking the village and is spectacular from afar, for the first time, two million and 100 thousand onions of tulip have been cultivated in an area of about three and a half hectares in natural area. 20,000 square meters of this area has been cultivated intensively and 15,000 square meters have been scattered in three types of pre-ripe, medium and late onions.


It is not bad to know that the establishment of tulip Flower Festival in spring in Alborz province and Karaj city is 40 years old and this festival will be held in Chamran and Gachsar parks.


So to see it, you have to set the opportunity and go to see it until June 30.

Tulip plain welcomes visitors every day of the week from 8 am to 8 pm.

Now that you have gone to Kondor village and visited its tulip plains, visit the village itself and its kind people and get acquainted with this place.

The village of Kondor used to be known as “Kohneh Dar” and “Kohan Door”.

The village dates back to the Safavid and Qajar eras and has natural and historical attractions.

Kondor also has a tourist and eco-tourism complex where you can spend the night in a traditional eco-tourism eco-lodge in brick.


Kondor Falls: One of the beautiful sights of Kondor village is its waterfall, which takes its name from this village. Access to the waterfall is possible by footpath. You can also take a short walk up the waterfall.

Springs: There are several water springs in this village; one of them is called “Bala Mahal” which in the past only women could take water from. And if a man was going to fetch water, he would have to take a woman with him.


Forty Bibi Area or Forty Girls: The ancient people of Kondor believed that lucky girls who wanted to be lucky came to this place and made vows and needs. It is said that 40 girls have disappeared in this place. In front of these forty girls, there are also old slums.


Imamzadeh Abdullah: In this Imamzadeh, historical tombstones with engraved maps related to the work of the deceased, gender, etc. can be seen.

Kondor Dam, Pansarsar Heights and Liz Peak, and the village’s historic cemetery are other attractions of Kondor.


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