Zingan Cave, an unforgettable paradise in Iran

Ilam province is one of the western provinces of Iran and has a dry climate, hot and mountainous climate. The city of Ilam is known as the bride of Zagros, this beautiful city has many tourist, historical and natural attractions that dazzle the viewers. Mehran city is one of the cities of Ilam province, which is located on the border of Iran and Iraq. The center of this city is Mehran. The city of Mehran, despite its small size, but there are many beauties hidden in every corner of it, Kanjiancham military castle and Zeingan cave are among the historical and natural attractions of this city. In the following with Iran Royal Holidays, we will Zingan Cave.



Where is Zingan Cave?

Ilam province is one of the western provinces of the country, which has a cool climate even in summer, which is why many tourists choose this beautiful province to travel. Forest cover, high mountain ranges, fertile plains and rivers have all added to the beauty of this province. If you are one of the tourists who plan to travel to Ilam, do not miss visiting Zingan Cave. Zingan Cave can be considered as one of the wonders of nature that has opened its way in the heart of the mountain. Zingan cave is located in Salehabad section of Mehran city in Ilam province. The shrine of Imamzadeh Ali Saleh is also located near Zingan Cave.


The word Xing means “a person is alive” and the letters “A” and “Nun” represent the plural of the Arabic Masnah for two people. Some believe that the word refers to the width of the cave, which in some parts is so narrow and It is narrow that only two people can cross. Zingan Cave has opened its way out of the heart of the earth like a piece of paradise in the middle of a hot and burning plain in the area of ​​Zinegan. If you get close to Zeinegan area, especially in summer, the heat and heat of the sanctuary will cover your plain, but when you step into Zeingan cave, the gentle coolness of the wall and the humidity of the cave air will protect you from the heat. The temperature difference inside and outside the cave reaches 20 degrees Celsius, in summer the temperature outside the cave reaches 50 degrees Celsius. The contrast of heat outside and coolness inside is a strange feeling of pleasure that reminds us of the moments of our childhood summers when we were under the tap in the heat shrine to quench our thirst. Drops of water dripping from the cave lamps on your face and hands, bring freshness and freshness to the environment.

The path to Zingan Cave

Mehran city is located at 46 degrees and 10 minutes longitude and 33 degrees and 7 minutes latitude and is 155 meters away from sea level and is one of the relatively hot and dry provinces of Ilam city. The city of Mehran is one of the most important border provinces of Iran, which is only a few kilometers away from the Iraqi border and is located on the left bank of the Kanjancham River. The city is bounded on the north by Ilam, on the east by Dehloran, and on the west and south by Iraq. The exact geographical location of Zingan Cave is 52 km southwest of Ilam and 5 km southeast of Salehabad. The road leading to Zingan Cave is very straight and you can go to the cave without a guide, but unfortunately the road is not very asphalt and it is a bit difficult. Regional officials have promised to provide a comfortable and safe road for tourists soon, given the investment that has been made in the region.

Zingan Cave Attractions

Zingan Cave is one of the most mysterious natural and tourist attractions in Iran, which unfortunately is not very popular among tourists. The coolness of Zingan Cave is so popular and famous among the local people that it has been named Behesht Cave. Contrary to popular belief, the word cave is a closed, dark place in the heart of the mountains, but Zingan Cave is not actually a covered cave, but a strait. This gorge, which bears no resemblance to a cave, has no roof and both sides of the path are open. Zingan Strait is one of the longest known straits and its length, according to one of the locals, is more than 6 km. During your caving, in some parts, you may encounter reputable paths that sometimes you have to go through, so be sure to wear proper shoes so that water does not penetrate into it.


At the entrance of the cave, there are gutters that originate from the top of the mountains and do not deprive all passers-by of the coolness of their existence with their hands and kindness. The chandeliers and gutters that exist in different parts of the cave drip water on the ground; It is as if they are showing rain to the spectators. The combination of rainwater with the soil at the bottom of the cave creates an odor similar to that of rain. If you look on each side of this amazing cave, you will see hundreds of meters in length, plenty of water, lagoon vents and various chandeliers. The vegetation inside Zingan Cave has turned it into a painting as if Mother Nature had drawn it with her own hands. Ferns, algae, flowers, plants, and pigments fill the cave’s mazes. If you continue your caving, you will encounter another eye-catching natural attraction of Zingan Cave. In this cave, there are two waterfalls that boil from the heart of the rocks and flow on the ground, the length of the waterfalls reaches 3 to 4 meters.

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