All-in-one Packages Book your services individually or in groups to travel throughout Iran.


    With different cities and various climates and customs Iran cities each offer their own variety of food. If you are interested in tasting new flavors or participating in local cooking, you can join our culinary tours.


    The land of Iran with its ancient history and beautiful antiquities and hospitable people not only interests history buffs but also any tourist who visits this land. Historical tours are a beautiful combination of visiting ancient monuments such as palaces, mosques, schools, Persian gardens, historic houses, old markets and shopping attractions, etc.



    Health and medical tourism are among programs that attract international patients to a country. Today, Iran is one the more popular countries for this type of tourism.



    Based on your time, IRAN ROYAL HOLIDAYS recommends you the best places for touring.
    We also helps you to save your time and money on tours and increase the chances for you to visit multiple locations.
    Seperately, One-day tour can also be operated and specially based on your preference or can be in a pre-planned tours which run in group.

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    Welcome to Iran Royal Holiday the best  agency ! You have come to the right place to start your travels to the exotic land of Iran. Iran Royal Holiday brings together our tour leaders’ expertise and experience in the industry as well as their desire for providing excellent tours to all travelers.


    There is fact in the tourism industry that Travelers have more trust to theirlocal agencies and it’s positive point , due to when an agency introduce a local tour operator as it’s b2b partner is mean confirmed the quality of tour operational with international standard and introduce  its partner to travelers.


    WHY US

    We  believe that all the people from all around the world are members of a great family regardless of political and geographical boundaries. Travelling can be an excuse for people to get closer to each other from different nations.


    The most important international events in Iran

    every month we introduce the most important international events in Iran with Iran Royal Holidays

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