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Iran visa & Visa on Arrival | Visa policy of Iran

General information about Iran visa / how to get and apply visa for visiting iran?

All you need to know about Iran Visa

Iran Travel Guide


Honestly getting visa for Iran is one of the simplest parts of Traveling to Iran. When you want to get your touristic visa of Iran, you have 3 choices upon you.

Visa on Arrival:

Type 1: Travelers from some countries can have their visa to Iran and do the process completely at airport on arrival. This is the most urgent visa that is valid for all nationalities except for (Americans, British, Canadians and Indians)

Type 2: tourists can have a visa tracking code (an approval to enter Iran) in a PDF file, and then collect their visa at airport.

The nationality that can get such a visa are:

Albania Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan

Bahrain Belarus Belgium Bosnia Herzegovina Brazil

Brunei Bulgaria China Croatia

Cuba Cyprus Denmark Finland France

Georgia Germany Greece Hungary

Indonesia Ireland (Rep.) Italy Japan Kazakhstan

Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Luxembourg Malaysia

Mexico Mongolia Netherlands New Zealand North Korea

Norway Oman Palestine Peru Philippines

Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russian Federation

Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovak (Rep.) Slovenia South Korea

Spain Sweden Switzerland Syria Tajikistan

Thailand Turkmenistan Ukraine UAE Uzbekistan

Venezuela Vietnam Yugoslavia Austria Azerbaijan

Iran Touristy visa:

Applying for the visa tracking code through an official travel agency and then by referring to one of Iran embassies all over the world, have your Iranian visa stamped on your passport.

This is the most appropriate way to get visa to Iran and is necessary for the holders of British, Canadian, US, Indian passport.

British, Canadian and US citizen need to collect and present more information about themselves, if you are from these three countries, please read this article.


Online visa application portal to travel to Iran;

The general requirements to apply for visa to Iran

If you are wondering “how to apply for Iranian visa?” the easiest way is to leave it up to FriendlyIran visa consultants.

The main requirements for Iran visa are:

  • Passport (Validity : 6 months at least)
  • Personal photo (White background)
  • Filling out visa application form

Within these documents you will get visa authorization code.

At Iran embassy you will need to present all mentioned requirements as well as making a payment of a governmental fee (visa stamp fee)

Contact our tour consultant now, and receive all information you need directly from our online visa agent.


3 Simple Steps to Get Touristic Visa for Iran

  1. Apply for visa tracking code to Iran in 5 minutes, 3 Easy Steps!


Step 1: form,Step 2: Send us your passport copies

Step 3: Send us a photo in 6*4 size with a white background


  1. We will give you a tracking code from MFA during 7-10 Working days
  2. Refer to the nearest embassy of Iran to collect your visa

Frequently asked Questions and Answers of Iran Tourist Visa (FAQ and Q&A):


Who can visit Iran?

So many travelers like to know “which nationalities can visit Iran?”

All nationalities can travel to Iran, except the owners of Israeli pass.

If you have US, UK, Canadian passport please refer to this page,

What is Iran Visa Authorization code?

Visa Authorization code which is also called as Approval of Iran visa, Iranian visa code, Visa tracking code of Iran, is a code containing Numbers and Letters which is issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran for travelers who intend to travel to Iran. Within this code visitors of Iran can have their Iran visa stamped by their selected Iran Embassy or Iran Consulate.

Responsible Iran tour operators and agencies can apply for visa authorization code.

Note: Getting visa tracking code is one of the most important parts of your trip, you should refer to certified and reliable local tourism companies in Iran which offer visa authorization code of Iran.

How many days does it take to obtaining visa authorization code?

MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affair) has announced 7-10 working days to receive visa authorization code, though in low seasons tourists may have their code earlier.

For American, British and Canadian travelers having visa authorization/ tracking code takes 1 month.

Note: The working hours of Iran MFA is 08:00 to 14:00 and it’s closed in national holidays, Thursdays and Fridays. Contact FriendlyIran visa advisor for more information.

What is Visa on arrival to Iran (VOA)?

Getting visa to Iran is also possible in another way; Tourists who have passport from bellow mentioned countries can have their visa on arrival at international airports;

  1. Asia: Bahrain, Brunei, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mongolia, North Korea, Oman, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, UAE, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yugoslavia


  1. North & South America: Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Peru
  2. Europe: Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine
  3. Australia

Travelers, who are interested in visa on arrival of Iran, should have their visa stamped at the International airports of Iran. The international airports of Iran are Imam Khomeini (IKA), Mehrabad (THR), Shiraz (SYZ), Esfahan (IFN), Mashhad (MHD), Tabriz (TBZ) and Kish (KIH).

What are the requirements for collecting visa to Iran at Embassy or consulate of Iran?

To have your visa stamped generally you need to;

  • present your visa authorization number
  • present your original passport
  • Make a governmental payment as visa stamp fee

Some Iran Embassies and Consulates will do this process via post and you don’t have to be there in person.

This process takes about 1 to 30 days. It’s all relied on the policy of each Iran Embassy.

The requirements to collect visa from Iran embassy/ consulate and necessary ID cards is up to each Iran consulate, and is changeable.

We advise you to call the Iran embassy and ask for information about the process.

What are the Terms and Conditions for getting Iranian Tourist Visa?

  • Your Passport should have at least 6 months validity after your entry date to Iran
  • Israeli passport doesn’t have official authority in Iran.
  • People who have Israeli visa stamp in their passport can get official visa to Iran at least one year after their trip to Israel.


More about the expiration and validity of Iran visa:

The visa of Iran is valid only for 3 months, the travelers who have got touristic visa through a visa tracking code, can stay in Iran for 30 days (at most) during this 3 month. After this 3 month the Iran visa will expire and has no more validity.

How can I Extend duration of Stay in Iran, extending Iranian visa validity:

While you are in Iran, you can extend the duration of your stay and travel for 30 days. This can be done twice, per entry by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or their agents in Iran capital cities. Soby extending your travel period you will have at most 90 days in Iran.


Can I enter to Iran twice with one visa stamp?

You should have a doubly entry visa to travel to Iran twice in only 3 months. Once you got exiting stamp on your passport, it may be necessary for you to apply for another visa to enter Iran for the second time.

For how many days is Iran Visa Tracking code valid?

The tracking code is valid for 14 days. To have your visa stamped at the embassy and its process might take time. To make sure about the duration of visa stamping process you should call the embassy or contact FriendlyIran visa expert.


How to get transit visa of Iran?

You should get your Iran visa for transit at the closest Iran embassy/consulate. The agencies of Iran are not able to provide transit visa for Iran by themselves.


Advices and Tips of Tourist visa of Iran.

  • Issuing Visa Tracking code from Iran ministry of foreign affairs takes between 7-10 working days
  • Getting Iran visa on arrival in high seasons is not recommended (You should stay in a long queue.
  • By Getting Visa tracking code, the process of stamping your passport will go on faster
  • Travelers who want to enter Iran by car, Iran borders should have their visa stamped before their entry.
  • Travelers with 2 entry in 3 months should apply for double entry visa. This is called visa type (A). Having double entry visa will cost 2 visa stamp fee, by taking some wise Iran visa guidelines and organize your Iran tour with a tour consultantarrange your travel perfectly to avoid this type of visa and extra charges.

The list of Visa Free Zone of Iran:

You need no visa to travel to free zones! That’s not an illusion!

Travel to 3 lovely islands of Iran without visa: Kish, Qeshm and Chabahar!

Aras, Arvand, Anzali and Maku are other free zones of Iran.

These places are considered as free zone for trade and marketing issues, and due to this opportunity tourists can visit these areas free of visa as well as merchants.

+Take a look at Visa free tours of Iran, such as short trip to Qeshm Island  and short tour of Kish Island

Tips to visit Iran free zones:

A 1. Based on the nationality you can stay in free zones up to 14 days. To extend the duration of stay in free zone you should apply for a visa

  1. If you like to travel to free zone and the main land, it’s the best to have your arrival or departure in the free zone. Because once you exit the main land of Iran and entered the free zone, you will have an exited stamp on your passport. To return to the main land you need to apply for another visa.


Which nationalities can visit Iran without visa?

The people who have citizenship/passport of Turkey, Armenia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Syria, Georgia, Bolivia, Egypt, Lebanon and Azerbaijan passport do not need Iranian visa to travel to Iran.

The duration of stay in Iran without visa is different for each nationality: Syria (90 days), Georgia (45 days), Bolivia (30 days), Egypt (20 days), Lebanon and Azerbaijan (15 days)


Online visa experts:

If you want to get fast answer of any visa issue, don’t miss the assist of our online visa experts and tour operators, we will inform you of everything about Iran visa policy, condition and everything that tourists should know about visa to Iran; such as;

  1. Requirements for Iran visa Authorization code
  2. Advices to receive Iran visa for medical, business and touristic travels
  3. More information about Iran Embassies and Iranian Consulate who issue visa to Iran. Such as their location, contact information, visa requirements and etc.
  4. Information about the cost of visa stamp fee for Iran

(Stamping visa to Iran is due to a governmental payment, this Iranian touristic/ airport visa stamp fee is differing relied on nationality)

  1. Free zones of Iran, tourists can visit Iran free zones without visa
  2. Limits of visiting Iran, prohibited nationalities from traveling to Iran
  3. The new policy and conditions for American travelers to visit Iran

Iranian Visa for American, British and Canadian passport holders

Friends from America, England or Canada are very welcomed by Iranian people.

Visiting Iran with US, UK and Canadian passport have the same term, condition and requirements.

The requirements of Iran visa application for American, British and Canadian friends, has been updated after the Norouz of 2017. By the latest news the Ministry of foreign affairs in Iran asks for complete information of each traveler.

The Requirements of Iranian Visa for US Citizens?

  • A copy/scan of passport (only the first page)
  • A personal photo (With white back ground, in 6*4 size, you don’t need to cover you hair)
  • Filling out the visa application form here!
  • Sending us a resume of your recent job activities
  • Take a screenshot of the first page (about page) of following social medias, if you have sign and Id:

“Face book, Telegram, WhatsApp, Google plus, Instagram, people, twitter, Wikipedia, Google, Linked

  • If you are not using the mentioned social Medias, you should search your name and take a screenshot of the page with search results.

How many days takes to have tourist visa for American, British and Canadian visitors?

The process of getting visa tracking code for these three nationalities takes about 30 working days. After receiving the visa approval to visit Iran or visa tracking code of Iran you should refer to the closest Iran embassy and have your Iranian visa stamped. This process may take up to 2 weeks, though some embassies will do it by post services.

Do Americans need visa for visiting Iranian free zones?

No, all nationalities, as well as Americans can travel to free zones of Iran without visa, for 14 days.

Can I explore Iran by myself as an American?

American, English and Canadian tourists of Iran should have a friendly guide with themselves during their trip in the main land of Iran. Your friendly English speaking guide is gonna be a very good accompany for you.

Can I freely travel to Iran as a British/American/ Canadian?

The Exact date of travel, Flight details, Itinerary, hotels and guide should be presented to MFA by agency to get the visa tracking code.

Tips for Americans who want to visit Iran:

  • Prepare yourself for the most beloved and memorable trip of your life!

Warning of visiting Iran for Americans: 

  • Don’t let those who have not seen Iran, tell you what you will experience! Consult with those who have travelled to Iran!

If you don’t know any, we will introduce you many!


Can I travel to Iran from USA? Can US, UK and Canadian citizens visit Iran?

Sure! It would be lovely to have you in Iran! You need to take care of tips in having visa and pack your bags! Don’t doubt it!

Where can I stamp my Iranian visa?

American/ US citizen can stamp Iran tourist visa in the interest section of Iran embassy in Washington DC.

Website of Interest section of Iran embassy in US: http://www.daftar.org/eng/


British/ Uk citizen can stamp Iran tourist visa in the Iran embassy in London,

Website of Iran consulate in UK: http://en.london.mfa.ir/


Canadian citizen can stamp Iran tourist visa in the Embassy of Iran in Ottawa, Canada

Website of Iran Embassy in Canada: https://www.embassypages.com/missions/embassy18820/


Small hints to get Iran Visa for US, UK and Canadian tourists:

  • The validity of visa should be at least 6 month after the entry time.
  • Getting Iran touristic visa tracking code for American citizen takes 30 working days.
  • You can receive your Iranian visa at any Iran embassy in the world!!!

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