Ameri historical house consisting of some connected detached homes with the area of 9000 square meters including 85 rooms,3 homes and 5 indoor and outdoor central courtyard, with multiple diversified indoors is one of the oldest historical homes of Kashan.The collection dates back to the time of the Zand dynasty. in 1374, the repairing of exterior and interior yards was started by Cultural Heritage organization of Kashan. In 1379, it was included in Pardisan Project and it was decided that it becomes a large tourist guesthouse. Its salient features include great extent of both yards and magnificence of interior decorations. Ameri historical house is the oldest one both historically and architecturally among other historical homes of Kashan. This historic house as a unique residential complex was inaugurated on June 16, 2014.

It is nearest to some Monuments of Kashan like Tabatabai and Borojerdi House that each of them is one of the most beautiful  samples of Iranian Culture and architecture.