Dental tourism in Iran is a kind of tourism that tourists are looking for a cheap destination And also high quality for dental treatment . Every year, many tourists apply for treatment To receive affordable and quality medical services Travel to Iran .

most of These travelers come to Iran are from Central Asian, European countries and Arab countries . Iran’s dental services are 80% cheaper than the United States .

Dental checkups in Iran

  1. – Dental treatment
  2.  scaling and cleaningDental fissure sealantsDental fillingsDental treatment for restoring damaged teethRoot canal dental treatmentDental
  3.  tooth removal (extraction)
  4.  fitting of dentures
  5. fitting of mouthguardsDental implants Orthodontic treatment Referral to specialist for dental treatmentSubsidised

Medical Dentistry Related to oral and dental health . The first university of dentistry on 1310 Managed by Dr Syah.



Iran is considering the achievement of international standards in medical research

Has been able to provide extensive treatments to patients .

Our agency considering Iran’s dental and scientific capabilities and capabilities for medical dentist tourism represent the best and most diverse offer ;

  1.  High quality clinical services
  2.  Prominent physicians
  3.  Reasonable and competitive price
  4. Specialized and Specialty clinics .

Equipment and medical facilities Specialist doctors are a reason for patients and foreign travelers .

We Will provide the possibility of your staying And taking time from specialized clinics We will shorten this route for you .

In fact, our advisers and experts are Between tourists and medical centers and specialized doctors’ offices as a communication Bridge .

Iran travel agency in addition to visa application for Dental tourism in Iran

  1.  Obtaining a passport
  2.  Booking tickets and hotels

By providing the previous treatments that accompany you And continue your treatment in Iran with your doctor Getting the doctor’s appointment is recorded by our advisers And your time is not wasted and you can enjoy the sights and attractions .

Provide The tourists’ desired services too and The tourist’s job is just close his suitcase .

There are many tourists who do their dentistry in Iran . High Cost of dentistry in countries of origin , More trust in Iranian dentists , The low cost of dentistry in Iran and its high quality are their reasons .

Dental treatments require time and more sessions And need for time lapse which may take longer .

How Much Dental Procedures Cost in Iran?

Healthcare services are very affordable in Iran, and dental treatments are no exception.

Performing a dental treatment abroad plus all flight costs and accommodations will often cost much cheaper than doing it in the home country. So along with the money saving, by performing cosmetic dental surgeries in Iran, you’re going to visit another country and hit two birds with one stone .

Dental centers use the latest methods in the public domain

Specialized That’s why tourists travel to Iran for Better healthcare And high quality

And it’s much more affordable for them . Up-to-date equipment and therapies

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