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How To Get Around In Iran

Generally Transportation in the vast land of Iran includes the types of transportation available in the world. Which is due to the geographic location of Iran in the world.

– Iran’s access to free waters

-The existence of vast plains

-Special climate are the Features of Iran.

The types of transportation available in the world

  1.  Marine Transport
  2.  Aviation
  3.  Ground transportation

Marine transport in Iran

Documents prove that Iranians before the B.C were seafaring by ship, and aware of Marine transport. The first world’s commercial port were formed In the Persian Gulf, south of Bushehr port, Called Siraf port. Marine Transportation Company and Iran Shipping with 170 ferries, as largest Middle Eastern shipping company. The specific situation of Iran, Long sea borders and = access to mild water it Needs for a regular shipping. This company has a diversified fleet from ocean-going ship on all international routes and range in the world’s famous ports.

Marine transport in Iran

Traveling with ships in the southern sea of Iran is very enjoyable which excursion in the islands of Iran and provides a great opportunity to goes to neighboring countries to visit famous cities like Dubai.

Maritime transport the process of moving people and goods by boat and ship on the sea which is often for commercial, recreational or military purposes. When traveling on a ship, you will be safe from road traffic jams.

You should know that the Persian Gulf’s islands will amazed you. Watching the turtles, Dolphins, and sea birds are exciting. Whereas There are 188 islands in the Persian Gulf, Which 30 islands belong to Iran: Hormuz colorful hills, Khark coral islands.

And you can only see these beauties in a maritime trip with Iran travel agency.

Ground Transportation in Iran

The oldest and cheapest way to transfer the people and goods is ground transportation. 500 BC  the GREAT DARIUS began building a stone road for the Iranian Empire .Iran’s rail network with 13,437 kilometers can be your choice for terrain travel.

 land trip by train , Bus or  personal car Has its own excitement and delicacy perhaps  traffic or repairing of car  be maddening you  but  Crossing the  curvy roads is the most enjoyable part of the journey  Perhaps  the road is  more interesting than the destination for you . You can Use of these beautiful scenery for your rest and your friends.

Ground Transportation in Iran

You will get acquainted with the lush forests, vast plains and starry desert nights on your own journey. We will introduce some of the most enjoyable and beautiful roads to you;

– one of the most beautiful paths is  the road  of Astara- Ardabil, known as the  Heyran neck An infinitely beautiful road, on one side of that mountain to the other side of is  the forest .

– One of the greenest roads in the path of Abbas Abad – Kelardasht, a Dreamland forest along the sound of birds and fog over the road.

– If you want to see the Paradise on Earth, go to the Asalem Road – Khalkhal

Air Trip in Iran

Air travel has made it possible for everyone to travel to distant locations. Iran has 319 airports it means that is Twice as much as Spain which puts Iran at the twenty-second rank of the world.


Iran’s air industry is 100 years old and has famous airports in the Middle East and the world

One of them is Imam Khomeini Airport With a displacement of 6 million passengers where Different domestic airlines operate there such as:

– Iran Air

– Mahan

– sky

– Caspian

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