Iran country of four seasons

Iran country of four seasons

Iran is famous of have four complete seasons. With a budget tour in Iran you can experience all seasons in different parts of Iran. For experience all of this needs to deep evaluation in each part of it.

North part of it is covered by forests with moderate climates and beautiful lakes. At the same time in south part and edge of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea weather is hot and humid with palm trees. And at East part you can visit hot desert and experience an unforgettable night in them. Sky full of stars can attract all the visitors’ attention.

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If you travel with a budget tour in Iran , in spring in almost each part of this country you can see fresh landscapes.

If you are interested of visiting an Islamic country Iran is the best place for people who are interested of Islamic culture.


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Summer in Iran is not as hot as the other Middle East country. Evan though north part of Iran has a moderate climate. But some area like Bandar Abbas or Yazd have really hot weather in summer. Sometimes in summer these cities getting as hot as 40˚ – 45˚ C. but the thing that making weather special is in morning and afternoon you can experience a moderate climate.


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With well air-conditioned accommodation and transport, one is not exposed to heat during the hot hours.

Sightseeing can be done early in the morning from 8 – 11 and later from 6 – 9 in the afternoon. But is it really worth sightseeing this way?

Spending some long hours in the hotel or in the car? Not really! You do not have to do it this way. A good planning can give the best of Iran even in summer. While North West and northern part of the country are chilly even in summer, there are some natural attractions to enjoy near major cities.


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At first day after arrive to Iran you can visit Tehran. and after one day fly to Shiraz or Isfahan and visit glorious sites.


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If you want to choose shiraz 3 day is enough for visiting Persepolis and beautiful waterfalls of this city. Margoon waterfall and Behesht Gomshode are fantastic places to visit and stay in summer.


country of four seasons


And with 2 hours’ drive to Farsan or Lordegan enjoying a cool weather and stay in beautiful region.


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