Iran’s Saffron and its benefits

Iran’s Saffron and its benefits

Saffron is one of Iran’s product that we are proud of beyond the world. Saffron is an ancient Medical plant and the most expensive of spices. Iran usually tend to be the biggest producers and experts of many of domestic products. Saffron can be divided into three groups based on parts of saffron flower. In Iran saffron produce more than 80 percent of 250 tons of worldwide each years, and more specifically from the region of Khorasan city which alon produces 187 percent of worldwide.

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Many Iranian people believe that saffron brings laugh and smile to your face. Saffron benefits are countless. It has a long history in traditional healing and has been recently recognized for treating respiratory interface and disorders such as coughs and colds, fever, cancer and asthma and the other targets included blood circulatory, insomnia, heart diseases, stomachache, gont, menopausal problem. Depression, woman menstrual pain and eye disorders.

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This is using for wonderful flavor with, rice, fish, chicken, cakes, cookies and drinks. It is most function to use saffron for changing the color of foods to yellow, specially, rice that makes better flavor of foods. And really delituse with a good smell, that always be steeped in hot water ahead of time and used as part of liquid in the recipe. Saffron has a very subtle flavor, some say it’s floral and some say it’s like honey other say its spicy.

In fact, saffron makes foods really tasty. Lastly, Iran can be considered as the cradle of the world’s saffron and is known as the red gold of desert. Actually some people believe that the word saffron originated from Arabic name, Iran is the origin of its name and most of the Arabic sources have reference to Iranian sources. Even many of saffron that are distributes with label of other countries are from Iran.

Saffron in Iran goes back 3000 years old and still has own power.

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