Chahkuh Strait of Qeshm Island

Chahkuh Strait; Travel guide to the natural wonders of Qeshm Island

Chahkuh Strait is located in Qeshm and is a destination for many tourists when traveling to this beautiful island stay tuned with Iran Royal Holidays to know this amazing place.. Chahkooh is full of rocks and statues that have formed naturally and over time. Wind and rain erosion has created the Chahkuh Strait for millions of years. This gorge is one of the seven wonders in Qeshm Island Geopark and it is necessary to visit it.


Where is Chahkuh and how do we get there?

Chahkuh Strait is one of the amazing valleys on Qeshm Island, which has been formed due to the erosion of sedimentary rocks. This gorge is located in Shahab section of Qeshm city and its depth reaches 100 meters. Chahkuh Qeshm Strait is located 70 km from this city and is adjacent to the eastern Chahvi village. In fact, Chahkuh Strait is in the western part of the northern coast of Qeshm.


To reach Chahkuh Strait, you have to reach Dargahan Square in Qeshm and then enter the western road. After traveling 20 km, you will reach a crossroads called “Direstan”. Do not tilt your path and continue straight. After another 11 km, you will reach the square where you have to enter the first road from the right. Now you have another 39 kilometers to reach the village of Chahvi Sharqi. When you reach Chahoi Sharghi, enter the left road and cover another 1.7 km. Congratulations to you. Welcome to Chahkuh Strait of Qeshm.


The good news is that this whole route, except for the last two kilometers, is asphalt, and access to the Chahkuh Strait is as complete as possible.


Note: Keep in mind that Qeshm only has taxis and closed and rented cars, and you must use cars with or without a driver to tour the island. Of course, you can bring your car to the island with Landing Craft and personally enjoy the beauties of Qeshm.

The most suitable time to visit Chahkuh Strait


Since Qeshm is located in the southern and tropical regions of Iran, we recommend that you visit Chahkuh Strait in autumn and winter. If you plan to travel to Qeshm in the spring, be sure to do so before the weather warms up and mid-May.

Qeshm has a very pleasant climate in spring and many Nowruz travelers go to this island. However, warmer weather can make it harder for you to travel. So if you can not stand the heat, be sure to postpone your trip to autumn and winter. January and February are the best months to visit Qeshm, due to the various festivals held on the island.

Who is suitable to visit Chahkuh Strait?

All those interested in rare geological phenomena must visit Chahkuh Qeshm Strait once in their life. Of course, the existence of winding paths and sometimes difficult to cross in this valley, has made Chahkuh more suitable for people with moderate to high physical condition. Unfortunately, Chahkuh Strait does not seem suitable for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Visit Tips

As there is no mobile phone antenna inside Chahkuh Strait, be sure to inform your friends, family and hotel officials about your visit to this valley before traveling.

You do not need a guide to visit Chahkuh Strait, but it is better to be careful, especially in the southern and steep parts.

The presence of high walls causes a little light to shine into the gorge, so do not postpone your visit to the last hours of the day.

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