Health tourism and medical tourism are among the programs that can help the country by attracting international patients, and in this regard, today Iran has been able to find its place among other countries.

health tourism in iran


What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism, sometimes referred to as health tourism, has various definitions.

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) specifically defines health tourism as:


Use services that improve or enhance a person’s health and well-being (using mineral water, weather, or medical interventions) and take place outside the individual’s home (more than 24 hours)

Health tourism sub-branches

  Medical Tourism

In fact, medical tourism is the most common and sensitive sub-branch of health tourism. This trip is usually done to treat illness or to perform surgery or health check-ups of tourists in clinics and hospitals of the country with high medical facilities and appropriate medical expenses.

Curative Tourism

Travel therapy to centers with natural resources and medical services under the supervision of a physician is called nature therapy tourism. These natural resources and services include hot springs, salt lake, bright sun, medical sludge, medical massage, herbal bath as well as a beautiful, clean and relaxed environment to improve skin, respiratory, rheumatological, muscular or post-recovery patients. It is performed from surgery and surgical procedures.

Thanks to God, Iran’s diverse nature has provided all kinds of natural resources for human beings. Currently, there are many centers in Iran that, along with natural resources, have provided accommodation, welfare and medical supervision facilities for tourists, so that tourists can use these blessings of God in complete peace and well-being.

Wellness Tourism

In this type of travel, the tourist seeks peace and travels to get rid of the stresses of daily life and rejuvenation, without medical intervention and supervision.

Usually, these tourists do not have a specific physical illness and are more interested in enjoying the healing nature and avoiding the hustle and bustle of urban life. One of the attractions and privileges of Iran for medical tourism is in the field of hydrotherapy, so that more than 1000 mineral springs have been identified.

Other health attractions in Iran include hotels, villas, and deserts, coastal or mountainous villas. That people can improve their health in complete peace of mind in a clean environment.

Health tourism in Iran

Health tourism in Iran, despite the high quality of medical services and cheap prices, due to the lack of proper advertising, has not yet found its place in the market and is taking the first steps. Meanwhile, according to its plans, the government must provide 30% of the country’s medical needs by exporting goods, medical services and medical tourism by the end of the Fourth Development Plan.

Health tourism goals in Iran



-Heart, eye and plastic surgery

-Cancer-related diseases

-Tourism in healing waters

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