Traditional hotel of Morshedi House

The traditional hotel of Morshedi House is located in Kashan city of Isfahan province. The mansion of this historic house is 200 years old and was opened and put into operation in 1993 after a period of time for renovation. The traditional hotel of Morshedi House is built on 2 floors and after being renovated with the same style of original Iranian architecture, it is one of the most beautiful eco-tourism resorts in the country, which attracts many tourists from inside and outside the country every year. Instead of its beauty and being unique experience by staying here you can book a room with reasonable prices which starts from 20 Euros.

The eco-tourism residence of Morshedi House has 8 rooms, some of which are located in the basement and some on the ground floor. There is also a beautiful and traditional pool house with an area of ​​150 square meters in this beautiful hotel and tourists can relax for hours. The courtyard of this residence is arranged in a completely traditional way with wooden beds around the courtyard and the water pool, which has created a beautiful environment.

Among the facilities and services offered in this hotel are the services of special tourism tour of the desert, Abyaneh, Kashan Gerdi, private parking for tourists, TV and refrigerator in the rooms, free wifi internet, coffee shop, Iranian and French health service, system Recreational and heating facilities including split; The traditional tea house is served with a variety of traditional syrups and herbal teas, massage services and a beautiful green space.

It should be noted that due to the old building of this hotel and its special architecture, there are many stairs at the entrance of the rooms, so the elderly and tourists with young children should pay special attention to this point.

This hotel is located in a good geographical position of Kashan city so that tourists can easily see the ancient monuments and historical buildings of the city such as Boroujerdi historical house, Tabatabai historical house, Jalali castle and Seljuk fence, beautiful Abbasid mansion, Sultan Amir historical bath Ahmad and Kashan Fin Garden and Bath, which are located near the traditional hotel of Morshedi House and you can in the shortest possible time from the distance (approximate) of this residence to tourist attractions and important places:

  • Distance to Kashan Airport -> 17.4 km (19 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan railway station -> 6.3 km (11 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan passenger terminal -> 5.5 km (10 minutes)
  • Distance to Jalali Castle Glaciers -> 800 meters (4 minutes)
  • Distance to Boroujerdi Historical House -> 1 km (4 minutes)
  • Distance to Sultan Amir Ahmad Historic Bath -> 1.1 km (4 minutes)
  • Distance to Abbasian Mansion -> 1.2 km (4 minutes)
  • Distance to the footsteps of Hazrat Ali (AS) -> 1.4 km (4 minutes)
  • Distance to Tabatabai Historical House -> 1.2 km (5 minutes)
  • Distance to Jalali Castle and Seljuk Fence -> 1.3 km (5 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan Grand Mosque -> 1.5 km (5 minutes)
  • Distance to Kashan Fin Garden and Bath -> 8.2 km (15 minutes)
  • Distance to the ancient underground city of Noshabad -> 13.8 km (22 minutes)
  • Distance to the beautiful land of Ghamsar -> 31.7 km (31 minutes)
  • Distance to Niasar Cave -> 37.2 km (46 minutes)
  • Distance to Sohrab Sepehri Tomb -> 45.6 km (51 minutes) to visit them.

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