In which areas of Iran should we see a cloud ocean?


These days, we see beautiful images of different types of cloud oceans and travel to them in cyberspace. In this photo, we see people surrounded by dense clouds or people in a unique foggy atmosphere. If you are a tourist and traveler, be sure to either visit such places or you are planning to travel. Join us to introduce you to several famous and spectacular cloud oceans in our country.


Why go to the ocean of clouds?

When you are in a high altitude place surrounded by spectacular and pristine scenery and you walk in it, you will find a wonderful peace that you did not have before. At that magical height you can only hear the sound of the wind and the birds and the wonderful views of the trees, the mountains and the forests in front of your eyes. But the most important thing is the beautiful white clouds that are around you and the white of one hand gives you a sense of beauty. In the cloud ocean, you can fully enjoy the tranquility of nature and make the most of this natural tranquility that is more present in the summer.


Now in Iran Royal Holidays we want to introduce you to the famous and beautiful cloud forests of our beloved country Iran.

Shahroud Cloud Ocean

You may not believe that in Shahroud, there is a cloud forest as beautiful as it is in the pictures. This pristine and spectacular area is located between the mountains of Central Alborz and around the village of Abar Shahroud. At the high altitude of this area you can see many Hyrcanian forests and springs. The high temperature and altitude of this region form a cloud ocean on the forest. If you want to go to a unique area, you must first cross Bastam. In addition, because there is a lot of rain on this road, be sure to make sure that the road is safe and there will be no problems for you on the road. There are a number of eco-lodges in the area for travelers and visitors. If you have traveled in suitable weather, you can camp in the area.


The wonderful village of Ulsbelangah in Masal

When we hear the phrase cloud ocean, it is usually the first place that forms in our mind, Masal. Have you ever traveled to the attractive and spectacular Masal of Gilan ?! If you are planning to go to Masal, be sure to cross the forests and its beautiful heights to reach the pristine and unforgettable area of ​​Ulsbalangah. This region is located in the west of Gilan province and has attracted many fans these days. It is enough to enter Gilvan road after passing Masal summer to reach this spectacular area.


In this area you can find many eco-tourism and rural accommodations. In addition, if you are looking for more modern hotels and inns, these accommodations are also good in this area. Wooden houses are very popular in this village, which creates an unforgettable experience for tourists. Therefore, in this area, there is accommodation for every tourist with every taste.

Ramsar Jewel Cloud Ocean

Another summer and green area of ​​northern Iran, which is surrounded by high altitude and cloud cover, is the summer area of ​​Javaherdeh Ramsar. This area, which is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, is located in Mazandaran province. In this area you will see beautiful and unique landscapes, cloudy summers and towering trees. The favorable weather and tranquility of this region of Ramsar is not exemplary! In this area, there are numerous seasonal and permanent waterfalls, mineral springs, Swan Lake and many other beautiful and unique areas. In this area, excellent and suitable accommodations have been created for the well-being of tourists and their rest.


Spectacular summer of Philband Mazandaran

Another beautiful summer of the famous cloud ocean in Mazandaran is Philband. In Philband, you will encounter a multitude of beautiful and spectacular clouds. There are several local residences in this village so that you can see the natural beauties of this area and use their facilities and traditional food. It is located in the region at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level and because of this altitude, many clouds appear in this region at many times of the year. Especially in summer, we mostly see the phenomenon of cloud ocean in this region.


The smooth and asphalt road that leads to this village is one of the good features of this summer that has made it easy for tourists to come to this area by car. Philband is located near the city of Babel in Mazandaran. To reach it, when you are on Haraz Road, continue to the right and in the part where the sign of Chalav is located, to reach this unforgettable area after passing a mountainous and attractive road.


Subatan Talesh summer attractions

Another beautiful and pristine summer area that you will fall in love with its spectacular nature is Subatan. People travel to this summer to enjoy the fresh air in the hot seasons. If you come to this region in spring, beautiful plains with a variety of colorful and spectacular flowers will welcome you in very favorable weather. Due to the existence of several thousand year old tombs, this area is an ancient country that is very old. You can easily see the beautiful ocean of clouds in this summer. In this area, local accommodations also receive travelers.


To reach this area, you have to cross the Rasht-Hashtpar road and enter the Agh-e-Uler road. Due to the rugged access road to this area, you can not bring your own car there and it is better to travel that route with Nissan or off-road vehicles.


Jawahar Dasht summer area

Another pleasant summer area is Javaher Dasht, which is located in Rudsar. This area is 2000 meters above sea level, so it has a high altitude and mountains that provide travelers with warm and temperate climate in warm seasons. As you move towards this area, beautiful and memorable views of nature are in front of your eyes. In addition, the absolute silence and tranquility of this area is a gift for people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city.


To reach this area, you have to move from Siakhlorud to Javaherdasht. On the way you will encounter the forest and the river Sajidan. The hills and valleys you will see along the way will amaze you. On the way, you will encounter summer pastures and pastures of cattle and sheep, which are not without grace. You can visit the shrine of Noghre Abbas Shrine for a pilgrimage.


Spectacular village of Damash Rudbar

At an altitude of 1800 meters, Amarloo, Rudbar city, there is a beautiful and spectacular village called Damash, which is one of the spectacular areas of Gilan province. The mineral springs located in this area are one of the most popular attractions that attract many travelers with beautiful and pristine landscapes. Chelcheragh lilies are a rare species in this region that has been registered as a national natural monument.


This area is an untouched place among the clouds, for people who are looking for attractive summer areas. You can see the beautiful scenery and forests of Alborz in the heights of this village.


Spectacular tears

Our other cloud ocean is Eshkorat, which starts from Rudsar and continues to Ramsar. This area has a spectacular and untouched nature and landscape, the beauty of which captivates every viewer. The sense of peace and quiet of this area is commendable! Eshkorat is divided into two parts, Eshkorat and Eshkoor, each of which has its own parts. You can see the ocean of clouds on the roads of this area. Also places like Samad Abad wetland, Arous and Damad mountain, Aseman river and دارد are located in this area. You can also use the local accommodations for relaxation and accommodation.



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