Qeshm Tour – Valley of the Stars

Valley of the Stars is a masterpiece of the unique nature of Qeshm.

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One of the most important reasons people travel is to relax. People travel to regain the peace they have lost in urban life due to dealing with everyday and sometimes boring issues. Qeshm Island in the south of our country is one of those destinations that can make you feel good as long as you know its amazing attractions and know where to go. The Valley of the Stars is one of those amazing attractions that you step into to enter a strange world among huge statues and stare around in amazement. No matter how much you read the description to avoid traveling to the Valley of the Stars, you can not imagine the peace you will get. However, in this article, you will become more familiar with this dream valley and you will be tempted by a memorable trip.

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Where is the Valley of the Stars? How to go?

Adjacent to the village of Barake Khalaf Qeshm, is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Iran.

To go to Star Valley, you must first move south to Qeshm and then west. After driving about 5 km, you will see a sign that guides you to reach the village of Barake Khalaf. When you enter the side road on the right, you will reach this village. A short distance along the same route, dirt roads will take you to the ticket office and the car park. In general, the distance of this tourist attraction from Qeshm city is very short and you can reach this attraction with a maximum of half an hour drive.

Have you heard anything from Valley of the Stars ancient stories?

Reason for naming: When we are faced with an amazing phenomenon, it is not strange to hear many stories and rumors about it. One of these narrations goes back to the name of this valley. Locals believe that a star struck the earth centuries ago, and that the movement of soil and its rising caused these strange shapes and statues. That is why they named the valley of the stars after this valley.

Wandering ghosts in the Valley of the Stars: Some locals believe that goblins and wandering ghosts roam the Valley of the Stars and that the sounds they hear are related to them. If you take a taxi from Qeshm to go to this valley, you will probably hear this from a taxi driver. But to be honest, it is only because of the special shape and placement of the statues that the wind creates interesting and sometimes scary sounds between them. However, among the indigenous people, it is rare to go to this valley when night falls and it gets dark. But if you want to stay and spend the night in this valley, you must get permission from the management of Qeshm Geopark.

One of the Seven Wonders of Qeshm

Qeshm is a city that has unique and amazing natural attractions. One of the most beautiful attractions of this island is Star Valley, which is one of the seven wonders of Qeshm. Over the years, seasonal showers, surface waters, and hurricanes have eroded the earth, creating astonishing natural features that are more than two million years old. The Valley of the Stars houses tall statues and pillars of various shapes that dazzle every eye and take the human mind into play to be seen and imagined in a new way each time.

The further you go in this valley, the more you will be immersed in its wonders and magic. The unique features of Star Valley have made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of Qeshm Geo Park (the only geo park in the Middle East). After a long walk in the valley and sightseeing, come to the roof of the valley to see a spectacular and indescribable view. At this point, you can take the most special and beautiful photos of your trip and create lasting memories.

Where to stay the night?

As we said above, if you get permission from the management of Qeshm Geopark, you can stay the night in the Valley of the Stars and have a very interesting and different experience. Just take a chance and the weather will be right, then you will see one of the most beautiful and starry skies of the night. As much as you think if you extend your hand you will surely pick a star. The nights of this valley are more dreamy and magnificent than eerie.

But most people visit Star Valley during the day and return to Qeshm at night to rest and stay. For accommodation in Qeshm, which like other tourist cities, there are various accommodation options. It’s up to you whether you prefer to stay in a hotel or spend the night in one of the eco-lodges for a new experience.


The best travel season

Due to the weather conditions in Qeshm, it is better to travel to the Valley of the Stars in late October to mid-May. In general, the cold months of the year are a good time to visit this attraction, and travel in summer is not recommended because the temperature in Qeshm reaches its peak. In any case, whenever you go to Star Valley, be sure to use sunscreen and take your sunglasses and sun hat with you so that the direct sunlight does not bother you.

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