The best hotels in Kish in terms of travelers

There is no set time for a trip to Kish Island. Spring and summer, winter and autumn are always travelers to this beautiful island in the Persian Gulf. It is true that due to the regional climate of the island, the best time to visit Kish is early December to late May, but many travelers, despite the hot and sultry climate of Kish, travel to the island in summer. Therefore, Kish hotels are booming in the hottest month of the year.


Which Kish hotels do travelers like the most?

By browsing and browsing the online hotel reservation websites in Iran, you will find which hotel fits your budget and purpose of your trip to Kish. Instead of you, In Iran Royal Holidays we turned over the opinions of users of various websites and found the most popular hotels in Kish in terms of travelers, which you can see in the list below.


The best five star hotels in Kish for a luxury stay

If you are looking for a unique trip and a dream stay, five star hotels in Kish are definitely your choice.


1- Mirage Hotel Kish is one of the best hotels in Kish

This hotel is one of the best hotels in Kish that has just been opened. The ribbon of the opening of Mirage Hotel in 1397 was cut and from this year until now, many tourists choose it for their stay. For those who want to have a luxury stay in Kish, this complex is one of the best offers among the five-star hotels in Kish on a trip to Kish.


From the window of the rooms of this hotel, you can see a unique view of the beach and the Persian Gulf Sea and understand why it has become one of the best hotels in Kish. Due to the excellent location of Mirage Hotel, you will have easy access to the sights of Kish. With a few minutes walk you can go to one of the most important centers for water recreation in Kish.

2- Panorama Hotel Kish

This hotel has just started operating and in a short time it was able to attract many tourists and become one of the best hotels in Kish. Panorama Hotel was opened in the first days of 1398 on Roudaki Boulevard. This 15-storey complex consists of 267 accommodation units in which guests are provided with extraordinary facilities.


Due to the unique location of this hotel, you can go to the important shopping malls of the island such as Sarina 2 and Zaytun in a short time. One of the features of Panorama Hotel is that you can walk from this place to the hotel and enjoy the beauties of this island. This complex is also one of the five-star hotels in Kish, which provides excellent facilities to its guests.

3- Toranj Kish Hotel

This hotel is one of the most unique accommodation complexes in the country and even in the Middle East, where you can experience a special and memorable stay. Toranj Hotel is located in the west of the island and in a pristine area. The complex has two hotels, the first phase on the sea and the second phase on the beach. Built on the sea, the hotel buildings have a sculpture-like design and include several accommodation units, a restaurant and other facilities.


Part of the floor of the hotel rooms is glass bergamot and you can watch the sea level from your room. Undoubtedly, this feature is one of the issues that have a great impact on improving your stay. Imagine sitting on the balcony and seeing the sun hiding behind the sea! Even imagining it conveys a good feeling to a person, think what will happen if you see this scene up close!

4- Vida Kish Hotel in the best hotels of Kish

This hotel is also one of the 5 star hotels in Kish that you can choose to have a luxury stay. The Vida Hotel building has 144 accommodation units built on 10 floors. The building of this complex has a modern design and attracts the attention of every viewer.


This hotel was built based on the most important standards in the world and officially started operating in 2017. Vida Hotel is located on Moj Boulevard and for this reason it is a short distance from the most important sights of Kish such as the International Conference Hall, Sharif University International Campus and the Persian Gulf Coast. This complex has suitable commercial facilities such as a conference hall and because of the short distance from the mentioned places, people who go to Kish for a business trip choose it.

5- Parmis Kish Hotel

Undoubtedly, this hotel can be considered one of the best hotels in Kish that you must stay in for a few days. Parmis Hotel building has a unique design and was opened in 2006. Although a few years have passed since the opening of this complex, it still offers extraordinary facilities and services to its guests.


The complex is built on 7 floors and has a total of 168 luxurious rooms and suites. Perhaps one of the weaknesses of this hotel is the lack of sea views. Parmis is built at a distance from the sea, so you can not see the sea through its windows. This residential complex is located a short distance from the shopping centers of Campus 1 and 2 and some of the island’s entertainment venues.

6- Aramis Plus Hotel Kish

This hotel is the last 5-star hotel built in Kish. Aramis Plus Hotel was opened in November 1399 and in this short period of time has been able to attract many fans. One of the features that make this hotel one of the best hotels in Kish is its short distance from the sea and the beach.


You can leave the hotel at the end of the night and walk to the beach. From the vicinity of the hotel you can hear the sound of waves and birdsong and you will be immersed in peace. In addition, Aramis Plus Hotel is a short distance from Pardis 2, Kish Mall and Roya Mall. This hotel is built on 14 floors with 171 rooms and you can have a memorable stay in it.

7- Marina Kish Hotel

This hotel is one of the unique hotels in Kish, both in terms of architecture and location; Because it is located right next to Marjani Island and Marjan Kish Shopping Center. In addition, if you are interested in cycling along the blue waters of the Persian Gulf, this hotel is very close to the cycling route. The beach bar of Marina Park Hotel Kish is equipped with the possibility of diving, jet skiing, sports club and water sports and water park.


Keep in mind that one of the best restaurants in Kish is located in this hotel, which is open to the public. You can taste a variety of southern and seafood dishes in this restaurant.


And of course, if you are interested in Kish water entertainment, you can refer to the Kish water entertainment article in Alibaba magazine.



The rooms and suites of this hotel face the sea or the Marina Park upon your request. In addition, the food court of this complex is built on the beach and has a wonderful view.


8- Dariush Kish Hotel

This 5-star hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Kish, which is comparable to 5-star international hotels. Its unique and extraordinary architecture is inspired by the architecture of Persepolis and is reminiscent of the glory of the Achaemenid era. The view of Dariush Kish Hotel is towards the clear waters of the Persian Gulf. This hotel is one of the tourist attractions in Kish. Private lake and all kinds of sports such as tennis, bodybuilding, private diving and  have made this hotel one of the most unique hotels in Kish.


The hotel is built on three floors and has 190 rooms.

9- Shayan Kish Hotel

This hotel is one of the oldest and most original hotels in Kish and is considered a 5-star hotel. This hotel was built about 50 years ago on four floors and has 195 rooms with full facilities. The hotel rooms overlook the sea.


This hotel is located in one of the best areas of Kish and is very close to the important commercial centers of Kish and its tourist attractions. In addition, the largest recreational pier on Kish Island is located right in front of the Shayan Hotel. This island cycling route also passes by this hotel.



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