In the past, Iranian houses had a different atmosphere. When you passed through narrow alleys, you would reach almost small or large doors that you couldn’t believe, behind those doors; you are supposed to see a large and beautiful yard. The yard was an inseparable member of that pond in the middle. Always full of water and the fountain in the middle created a calm atmosphere.


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Flower pots would usually be arranged around the pond, and in summer the watermelons floating in the pond would cool down to be ready to be served.

There was always a wooden bed corner of the yard; the surface of the bed was covered with an Iranian carpet. And sometimes all the family would sit on the bed and the food would be served there.

Travelers who travel to Iran know that eating on the wooden bed is not as easy as a table and chair, but it is worth a try, which is why traditional restaurants that they still use the same beds are popular nowadays.

And, the yard was full of rooms with large windows that opened onto the courtyard and were usually decorated with beautiful stained glass that each family member lived in their own room in the same house even after the wedding.

It was a strange atmosphere, living together, which had its advantages and disadvantages, and it may be unbelievable for our current generation, because we are used to having our own privacy and our own home.


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Iranians are famous for their hospitality, and no Iranian home can go a month without a guest.

It is the hospitable people who still have the culture of hospitality. They provide the best at home for the guests.

When you visit their house, you will be greeted with cool syrups in summer or Iranian tea in winter.

In front of the guest is always full of different things such as fruits, sweets and nuts. At lunch or dinner, more than two models of food will be prepared for you, then, you will notice another thing from Iranian culture, something called “TAAROF “.


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“TAAROF” means that an Iranian must insist that you eat all foods or snacks to make sure you enjoy everything and have a good hosting. Sometimes when you buy something from the store, you also encounter “TAAROF” when you want to pay the seller refuses to accept. Don’t think that you bought it for free, but this is part of TAAROF. He refuses and you insist and pay.

These days, life is different in Iran, a bit modern.

The streets became wider and the courtyards gave way to the towers, apartments and complexes. However, when entering Iranian houses, you still have to take off your shoes and be sure that their hospitality is the same.

The wooden beds next to the yard have been replaced by tables and chairs, but the TAAROF is same as before.

After marriage, they no longer stay at parents’ house, and everyone has a personal home, but they still love guests, and every Iranian home spends  some nights with friends.






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