Top 8 amusement parks in Iran

The most famous amusement parks in Iran

If you are a person of fun and travel, going to the most famous amusement parks in Iran will undoubtedly be very interesting and exciting for you. On the other hand, in big cities that attract a lot of tourists every year, there are well-equipped and large amusement parks that are considered as one of the tourist attractions of that city. Each of the amusement parks that we introduce to you in the continuation of this article have special facilities of amusement parks, and sometimes their popularity and fame have gone beyond the borders of our country. Join us to get acquainted with the most famous amusement park in Iran.


Introducing top 8 amusement parks in Iran

Tehran Amusement Park: Eram

According to many, the largest amusement park in Iran is Tehran Eram amusement park, which was established in the early 1350s and after the revolution was handed over to the Foundation of the Oppressed of the Islamic Revolution. In this amusement park, there are more than 70 exciting and diverse amusement equipments that will create happy times for you. The equipment of Eram Tehran amusement park will be attractive and lovable for all age groups, and in addition to play equipment, this amusement park has a very suitable space for your picnic and entertainment. For example, you can go boating on the park’s large lake and go fishing there if you like.


Mashhad Amusement Park: Mellat Park

Mashhad Mellat Park amusement park, which was opened in 1351, is the first amusement park in this city and one of the oldest amusement parks in Iran. One of the amusement equipments that attracts the attention of every spectator in Mellat Park is its high carousel. Mellat Park amusement park is known as the tallest carousel in the Middle East and the 18th largest carousel in the world. In addition to this amusement park, in Mashhad Nation Park, you can experience other activities such as visiting the bird garden and zoo, going to a coffee shop or restaurant, etc., and enjoy spending fun with your family in this beautiful and large park.


Shiraz Amusement Park: Luna Park

Luna Park amusement park in Shiraz was built about 30 years ago and is one of the most famous amusement parks in Iran in terms of geographical location. The location of this amusement park in mountainous areas has made its view very beautiful, with a pleasant climate. Most of the playground equipment and devices in this park are imported and in general, there are 30 toys for children and adults that will create happy and lovely moments for you. To go to this amusement park, you have to go to the end of Jomhouri Boulevard and in front of the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz. It will take you about 3 to 4 hours to visit this place.



Isfahan Amusement Park: City of Dreams

Isfahan City of Dreams amusement park is considered as the largest amusement park in Iran and one of the best and most equipped amusement parks in the Middle East. The construction process of this amusement park began in 2009 and was completed in 2014. This large amusement park has a daily capacity of 600 people and is divided into two parts, open and covered, in which 90 different entertainments are in front of you, and sometimes it will be difficult for you to choose between them. If you want to watch this whole playground and enjoy the games in it, you will need a full day of time.


Tabriz Amusement Park: Baghlar Baghi

Baghlarbaghi ​​amusement park is located in a large and beautiful recreational area of ​​the same name and its establishment dates back to the early seventies. This complex has always been of interest to amusement park enthusiasts in Iran, and it includes entertainment such as: “air bike, ranger, happiness hut, horror hut, waterfall, train, Saba ship, etc.”, which you can use. In this amusement park, there are other facilities such as: “water fountain, restaurant, bird garden, buffet, parking, etc.” that allow you to have a family picnic in a beautiful environment in addition to using the amusement equipment.


Ramsar Amusement Park: Land of Dreams

Land of Dreams in Ramsar is one of the famous amusement parks in Iran, which was established in 2004 and attracts many tourists every year. Located 5 km west of Ramsar in the Green City Amusement Complex, this amusement park is truly a dream city for many visitors. The location of this amusement park next to the city of Ramsar, among the beautiful landscapes of this region, will undoubtedly have a great impact on your mood in this region. In addition to having a lot of recreational facilities, this amusement park has a dreamy atmosphere that will make your sightseeing very enjoyable.


Rasht Amusement Park: Qasr Bazi

Qasr Bazi amusement park in Rasht is a special option for Iranian amusement park enthusiasts. The construction project of Qasr Bazi started in 2008 and considering 45,000 square meters of land for it. In 1390, after the official establishment of this amusement park, many tourists come to this area every year and visit it. In addition to various amusement equipment, Rasht Palace Palace has a two-storey building with 7500 square meters of outdoor infrastructure. This building has facilities such as: “Traditional teahouse, coffee shop, restaurant, amphitheater, billiard hall, bowling alley, etc.” that will create happy and loving moments for you and your family.


Kish Amusement Park: Highland

Highland Kish amusement park is known as the best amusement park in Iran in the Persian Gulf. This indoor amusement park has a variety of devices that can entertain visitors of all ages. According to the visitors of this amusement park, it is better than other similar examples in Kish Island, and if you travel to this beautiful island, you should not miss it. 7D cinema, coffee shop, restaurant, computer games for children, teenagers and young people, games such as bowling and billiards and… are some of the special entertainments of this lovely amusement park.

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