visit Iran in fall 2021

visit iran in fall 2021, The rain and the dark sky and the colorful leaves reminded us that another autumn is ahead especially in Iran.

For many, it is autumn to stay home and watch the rain through the window, but many others turn their backs on the roads in the hope of seeing the autumn scenery and see the yellow and orange nature these days, we suggest you to visit Iran in fall to be amazed!

In Iran Royal Holidays we are going to introduce you to some interesting areas. Areas that are more spectacular this season than ever before. Join us and Visit Iran in fall 2021.


Ahaar Village fall 2021



Ahar is known as one of the pristine villages in the east of Tehran. It is a quiet area, full of trees and with a walking path that becomes very beautiful and spectacular in autumn days.

One of the characteristics of Ahar nature is the presence of medicinal plants and various fruit trees. In autumn, these trees turn yellow, orange and red in the middle and from above the hills and heights, find an amazing view.

There are also 2 relatively large rivers in the village. The rivers “Shokrab” and “Pish Konak” that you can visit on your footpath.
Ahar is located on the Oshan road and is about an hour and a half from Tehran. If you want to come here, have walking shoes with you.


Ulsblangah – Masal fall 2021


Ulsblangah – Masal

But let’s go to the summer village of Olsbalangah!

This unique village is located 25 km from Masal in Gilan province. The kind villagers here migrate to this area depending on the weather and the season.

Apart from the newly built village hotel, Ulsbalangah consists of a collection of small wooden houses, some of which can be used as accommodation. Of course, the houses are not equipped with electricity supply and the electricity is supplied by special electric motors.

Since the village is located in the highlands, it has a cold and cool climate. So you should definitely have warm clothes with you. If you stay here at night, you will probably start the morning with a sea of fog and clouds, a unique view that will become one of the best experiences of your life.

Charcoal tea, autumn forest scenery, bird sounds and fresh air make this area one of the exciting autumn attractions.


Nayband – Tabas fall 2021


Nayband – Tabas

The good thing about Nayband Tabas village is that because it is a desert, it does not have the heat and cold of autumn. So if you are looking for a warm place for daily walks, Nayband can be a good suggestion.

Of course, the nights here are very cold and you can return to your residence when the sky darkens.

Nayband is famous for its stepped texture and palm trees around it. Very few people live in this area because they prefer to take refuge in the surrounding cities due to the earthquake in recent years.


Cloud forest – Shahroud fall 2021


Cloud forest – Shahroud

Cloud forest is located 45 km north of Shahroud. This region is known as one of the most pristine and untouched natures of Iran. Especially the valley, which according to the locals is a place where clouds get stuck.

The landscape of the forest and the valley is very beautiful and full of spectacular views. Of course, keep in mind that you do not always have to face the clouds. It all depends on luck and the weather. But in general, locals consider spring to mid-autumn to be the best time to come here.

In the village of Abr, which is located along the forest, tourist facilities and eco-lodges have been built. You can get a house or residence around this place and then go to the forest early in the morning to feel the clouds under your feet.

Do not forget that the road here is dirt and full of size! You must drive with the right car. Meanwhile, in winter, the route becomes very dangerous and it is better to postpone coming to that season to another time.

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