One of the most applied, original and most popular arts is Iranian crafts. These industries are from the culture of Iran. The originality of this culture is reflected in the world. If you go to any city in Iran, The handicraft market of that city will attract your attention and of course, 70 percent of these producers are women. You can see high quality, variety of colors and authenticity in Iranian handicrafts.

Iranian handcrafts

Top Iranian Handcrafts

The area of Iranian craft is very wide, and in this article of Iran travel agency will introduce you to a number of them.

First of all, we speak about most famous handicraft art of Iranians, which is carpet, and other substructures like RUG matting and gabbeh.

Gabbeh has a special design and pattern that a woman or knitter weaves it.

Isfahan artists’ works are Representative of the Iranian people’s art such as enamel- work, marquetry and wood carving. Etching on all kinds of metals and tourists who are fascinated from the work of these artists.

Iranian handcrafts

Using the geometric and flower shapes or somehow Arabic design on handmade fabrics will be found in ISFAHAN.

In the city of Yazd TERMEH, which have used the gold yarn.

LIGHT COTTON SHOES or GWEE that’s suitable for summer and made in Kermanshah And many tourists are interest to buying it.

Enameling on plate and tray in Isfahan’s city that has a worldwide famous. Seeing Isfahan artists who work hard for tourists is very interesting scene. MARQUETRY An Iranian art that is made on metal, wood and even bone.

National Museum of Iran

With watching the National Museum of Iran, you will understand that how the pottery has old history and some pottery tools like pomegranate apple, and bird invites tourists to buy.

Iran is a country with an ancient civilization and rich culture and history that’s cradle of art’s growth by variety of beauties.

Each city of Iran has its own handicrafts and souvenirs.

Iranian handcrafts

most unique souvenirs in Iran

Persian handmade carpets and rugs are the most uncompromising handicrafts in the world. Neyshabur Mining Turquoise, which is strike on copper dishes, is one of the most unique souvenirs in Iran.

You can buy Beautiful, traditional and handmade costumes Iranian folks. The Iranian rock mines are diverse and offer these rocks in the form of decorative stones such as RUBY, EMRALD, turquoise and pearl, if you don’t use the gold, Instead of gold, you can use them as jewelry.

Or buy small and cheap handicrafts such as miniature paintings, wooden handmade boxes and various glass sculptural products.

When you come to Iran, you can been sure you will not go empty handed from Iran.

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