Yalda night

Yalda night

In ancient times, agriculture was the basis of people’s lives and passing of seasons and sun’s radiation was the axis of life. with Budget tour in Iran visit Yalda night tradition.

With the dawn of the sun and end of the Yalda’s night begins a great celebration that starting with light and brightness that means dark and cold has gone.


yalda night


Yalda is the birthday of mthra or kindness this is perfectly vivific celebration. join that celebration with Iran tour operator.

History of Yalda night


That dates back to 7000 years ago .Persian called the 30th night of azar chelleh night. We called this night chelleh ,due to the extreme cold that will take up to 10th of bahman .people in different cities of Iran celebrate with various costumes such as people of Ardabil weird winter take easy with them.


yalda night


They usually eat watermelon, walnuts, risins and sometimes snow and grape juice.. but krmanian do something wondering they stay awake up until sunrise which is welcomed to legendary Qaroon, qaroon brings firewood to poor people that changing to gold. .. Hear some story from shirazian who have tablecloths like HAFT SIN which has mirror and junk food and sweaty. If you would go Kurdistan they are preparing dim-sum (dollmeh ) and sangaek bread that surely you enjoy of all this Persian ceremony.

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If you notice the color of red more abundant used in Persian ceremonies like watermelon, pomegranate, apple and … Because our ancestors believe that red is symbol of the sun .and sun is everything.

but Our ancestors keep the fire on and celebrated togethared this longest night .holy fire scared the cold and darkest.

Nowadays all Christians of world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with turn on candle and fireplace and Christmas tree decorated with lights just like the Iranian tradition on the night of yalda.

Yalda and Christmas are examples of beliefs that connect people and various religions.

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