Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd

Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd

This time Iran travel agency is going to take you to Yazd. Yazd is so spectacular and attractive. Yazd is a treasure trove of the arts and culture of Iranian civilization, and is called the city of bicycles and windbreakers. All this art and beauty and history in Yazd have made it the first World City of Iran to be listed on the UNESCO list.

Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd is our destination. This building located in street of Kashani alley fire place. In all over the world, they love the fire somehow, such as Talk with your god by lighting the candle, Olympic fire has been kept alive, Fireworks and lights ceremonies which is done for any excuse, is joyous. And in Iranian history, this is also to be seen.

Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd

Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd is one of the most visited attractions. The fire temple is a gathering place for Zoroastrians. Fire is a sacred element in the fire temple and continual religious prayers are performed there.

This building 80 years ago with Zoroastrian capital HOMA BAEI and supporting of Indian sponsors. In fact, the architecture of this building its architecture is inspired by Persepolis.

Among the lush cedar and pine trees in the big yard, this beautiful building and garden with dock full water next to them, invites every visitors. The presence of water near the fire temple is one of the characteristics of the sanctuaries. The stone capital are by Isfahani’s artistes and beautiful Yazdi’s tiling. Farquhar’s role at the entrance of the building, it has made it brilliant. In fact, the architecture of this building has been influenced from Persian fire temples. Entering to this chapel has some special etiquette (Clean women and men with scarves and white hats entered there)

Zoroastrian fire temple in Yazd

When you go to this place you can see the fire behind the glass wall the sacred fire is kept inside the big tray by HIRBAD. The fire guard must have a special mask. This fire has been clear for more than 1500 years. Iran royal holiday’s Iran tour operator manage a trip to Yazd fire temple.

The scared fire is placed in the middle of the building and in a relatively large room, Away from sunlight, the rooms around it are designed for prayers .Usually there are 8 door and few rooms with 8 corners. The VARHRAM fire is the premier one. The fire is carried by 4 priest on the board. The ceremony lasts three or four hours. To keep this fire clear use the some pieces of wood are more dry and resistant than other wood Like almond wood or apricot One of the most attractive building decorations The statue of the first Indian Ambassador to Iran MANEKJI – LIMJI- HATERIA . He provided many services to Zoroastrians in Iran.

Every year, from all over the country, are gathering for religious ceremonies in this place.

Since the Iranians discovered the fire, it gives the heat and energy to life because they saw the light of god.

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