Iranian Bread

Iranian Bread

Bread is the most popular in Iran. Traditional Iranian bread are famous for their taste, quality and varieties. Iranian cuisine has wide variety of bread. When you have budget tour in Iran you will understand about the variety of them in Iran. Types of traditional and ethnic breads prepared and eat all around the Iran. However, there are four type of bread which are very popular and mostly used by people, including Barbari, Sangak, Tafton and lavash. Iran tour operator will introduce all of them to you.

There are also some other types of breads in every village and the city around the country. let’s become familiar with them with Iran tour operator


Brbary Bread

Barbary is tick and flat bread with about 70 centimeter long and 30 centimeter wide. It is usually baked plain or with sesame.

Barbari - Iran tour operator

Sangak Bread


Sangak bread is one of the most common and popular breads in Iran. Sangak bread is thin and flat and it is known as one of the national Bread of Iran, one of the reason than make Sangak bread unique is way baking tradition even. It is plain, rectangular whole wheat bread. It is very popular to eat kebab, Dizi and Abgoshht with Sangak. Sangak bread is not only popular in Iran but also in Azerbaijan.


Sangak - Iran tour operator


Lavash Bread


Lavash bread is the thinnest bread among all different types of bread in Iran. Lavash is soft and thin and flat bread that prepared in a rotary oven, baking machine or tandoor.

Size of lavash bread is about 300 centimeter in length to over 0.5 meter and in shape of circular.


lavash bread Iran tour operator


Tafton Bread


Baking of Tafton bread is rotary oven or baking machine has been common in this years. Tafton sometimes made with a little salt or without it. Tafton is delicious and very healthy.

Bread has a long history in Iran. Actually the historical and cultural Iranian foods showed that the bread is very popular and famous in the country.


tafton - Iran tour operator


Today flat bread it every day in all over Iran. Each bakery specialize in one type of bread. Usually Iranian people buy one of four main type of breads that made in one of the small bakery all over town. Finally Iranian bread is prepared in different variety of shape, size color, and flavor that each of them are really tasty. You should try and enjoy the taste of all different type of Iranian different types of bread.

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