Qeshm island



The largest island of Iran in Persian Gulf, laft and abarkavan, abarkavan is the name of the island which means from Kaveh’s generation Is Qeshm island.

It is interesting to know that the largest island in Iran, entirely It is larger than 22 countries in the world. The Qeshm Island is twice as big as of Bahrain’s country. We even have mountains and woods on this island for your visiting. Salt Mountain or Mount saltcellar is for all visitors and travelers is marvelous.


Qeshm island


Portuguese castle which was equipped with big cannons were supporting the HORMOZ CASTLE.






QESHM GEOPARK, The first geopark in the Middle East on 2006 that became a member of UNESCO World Wide Web. Natural sculptures and amazing mountains, Caves and interesting forests are of the unique beauty of Qeshm nature which has make this island unputdownable.




In the south of this island, there are dreamlike forests (HARRA ) _This kind of plant growth no need to fresh water _ As the sea goes down, it comes out of the water and When the water rises , The forest floats on the water, so this landscape effects on every viewer . This forest is the home of aquatic animals, birds and amphibians such as pelican, heron, and many kind of crabs.


Qeshm island



Another spectacular place is Chahkuh valley that’s part of Qeshm’s geopark and UNESCO has confirmed it. The reason for naming this valley is 4 wells in this valley but due to the erosion and impact of wind and rain on the rocks, there are astonishing shapes you see the same in Colorado in the United States of America and in the UK and Germany which has astonished tourists. Iran tour operator managing budget trip to Qeshm Island.




Next place is CROCODILL’S PARK is the first and biggest in the Middle East. This island that’s Luke Dolphin has many accommodation facilities for tourists. The seafood are available for its interested oyster, crab, kind of fishes.

Its modern and traditional markets are very crowded, especially the market of turtles, which is a paradise of shopping in Iran. On the coast of the island, colorful shellfish and jellyfish are waiting for you whether you’re swimming or hiking.



XARBEZ CAVES Located in the heart of the mountain. Goran dam, pay post dam are the same place for visiting.




Eating southern foods in the home of Amini is something interesting and pleasant, Of course we offer it to all tourists.




After passing through spectacular sites and shopping malls for tiredness, you can go to Hamoon Tourist Recreation Complex. Recreational facilities like sailing, horseback riding and cycling.

Travel to Qeshm Memories of the valley’s stars, the colorful soils and the harra forests it leaves you happy moments with Iran travel agency .


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